Draw your guests into your wedding fun with a personalized app experience!


Guests “compete” to find out who knows you the best. The faster they choose the right answer, the higher their point score.
Have your guests collaborate with the DJ, choosing songs that they love to dance to by requesting or liking requested songs
Have guests vote on answers to fun personalized questions you come up with. Find our what your guests think of you!
Guests take photos and share it with the app for all to see, like & comment on. Capture those candid moments
Your videographer can’t be everywhere to capture those special, spontaneous, candid moments. Have your guests capture & share
With 7000+ drink recipes, your guests can choose their ingredients based on your bar & have a drink created – just for them.

Customize Wedo

More Features Will Help You to Experience More
Add Your Questions
You have 100% control of the questions making it interactive & fun!
Have full control with our user friendly, intuitive bride & groom control panel
100% Personalized
From adding trivia questions to bar details, you are in full control of your wedding app
You & your partner will have a blast coming up with each question. Teamwork!

How it Works - Simple & Easy - Make Your Wedding Fun!

Access All Guest Wedding Pics

Pictures are accessible to anyone who joined your wedding. Guest wedding pics are loaded in real time. Project your guests pictures as a slide show as they are being taken. Login to WeDo’s website guest access to view all your amazing candid guest photos which will be waiting for you to view and/or download online.

The Wedding App Your Guests Won’t Stop Talking About


Designed to enhance the things that make wedding’s fun such as games, dancing, photo’s & people!


Encourages guest interaction with people that aren’t sitting at their own table


Create a positive & fun environment on your wedding night

Social & Interactive Wedding Fun!

Your Guests Find Common Ground Making for More Fun and Conversation

Test Drive Your Wedding App Before The Big Day

You Didn’t Think We’d Send You in Blind, Did You?

Test your personalized app before the wedding. Create test profiles so that you can trial the wedding app weeks before your big day. Login into WeDo like any guest at your wedding would and play around in the app.

Once you’re finished test driving the app, click of a button and clear “test guest” data. But … don’t worry, all your personalized wedding information stays in the app.

You can be sure that your wedding will be unique & fun for all your guests!

 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find answers to popular questions here. For a complete list of questions & answers, please visit our FAQ page

Let’s face it, everybody want’s their wedding night to be the party of all parties & we want to help make that happen. Our goal is to keep your guests engaged all through your wedding night. Whether it’s answering fun trivia questions, sharing photos or requesting songs, WeDo keeps your guests involved in your big night.

The key to a raging party is people. WeDo is designed to connect your wedding guests with each other.  Give your guests an excuse to talk to each other. Trust us, they want to mingle, they just don’t have an excuse to …. until now ???? Make your wedding night fun for you & your guests!

Absolutely! We have built in a feature through the WeDo admin panel that clears all user data. This gives you the flexibility of creating some “test guest” profiles. Once you have customized the app to your liking, login using your Wedding ID like a guest attending your wedding would. Once you are happy with what you see, simply clear the user data through your admin panel & your “guest test” will be deleted.

Trivia scores are calculated by a combination of getting the correct answer & how fast. Those who answer correctly will gain points. How many points will depend on how fast they selected the right answer.

Yes! WeDo is connected to a large database of music making it easier for your guests to request any songs they want.

Yes! All pictures uploaded through WeDo will be accessible online through the guest login area.

Yes. Unlike the trivia game, poll questions is a game that is played by everybody at the same time. WeDo will ask your guests a series of fun questions (questions pre-loaded by the bride & groom) & your guests will vote on which answer they feel works best. Guests will be able to see the live results of what the most popular answers are.

Although WeDo has over 7000 recipes available, WeDo will only pull recipes that are available at your bar. When building your wedding app through the admin, you will see the option to add your bar menu details. Based on what you enter as part of your bar, WeDo will only sort random drinks that can be made with the types of alcohol you have selected for your wedding reception.

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