A True Interactive Wedding Experience for You & Your Guests

Weddings are about 2 families coming together & we want to make sure that both sides are interacting with each other when the party starts. WeDo is an interactive wedding app focused on making your reception social & fun for you and your guests. Save yourself the time of making all the introductions & give the people closest to you an excuse to talk to each other through interactive games & activity that happens right from their smartphones.

Each guest will be prompted to create a profile before logging into the unique & fun wedding app that you have created. Guests log in using a unique wedding ID that you create on signup. Once logged in they will be able to take part in all the fun activities that you have setup ahead of time. Guest profiles allow people to track what other guests are up to, how they score in the trivia games, where they sit, how they know the bride & groom, what pictures they have shared and even who they came to the reception with.

WeDo connects your family & friends with each other right from the start of your reception. This increase in comfort level will translate into your guests partying hard & having the time of their lives!

What better way to spark up a conversation than to tease somebody about their trivia scores, commenting on a requested song, discussing an amazing photo etc. Because each guests activity can be viewed within WeDo, everybody can see who is who & how each person is interacting. This unique way of connecting your wedding guests will spark social interaction that will have your family & friends talking about it for weeks!

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