It takes 30 minutes to set up – once you have your questions figured out

The WeDo app is user-friendly, almost foolproof [we’re definitely not calling you fools :)]. Here are some of the dashboard features:
Customize the welcome screen with your picture
Add a photo of you & your partner that welcomes your guest to your wedding app
Enable or disable social shares according to your preferences
The admin panel gives you the ability to disable social sharing
Easily add your Trivia Questions
Simple & easy interface to add trivia questions. Try to drag & pull to arrange the question order!
Add Poll Questions the same way you did with Trivia
Just like with adding trivia questions our interface is simple & easy to use
Add your bar and menu details
Add a food or drink section first (e.g. Appetizers, Martini's) and start building out your menu
Include your wedding party – names, photos and relationships
Add details of your wedding party so that your guests know everything about the lucky people you have selected
Insert wedding vendor info for guests
Give your wedding vendors a little added bonus by adding their information to your app for all to see

You Can Test Drive WeDo – Months Before The Big Day

You’ve got a lot happening to prep for your wedding. You don’t want to be figuring this out at the last minute. Ask any bride – you won’t have time.

Test Wedo like you are a regular guest at your wedding. Play the games, take pictures & view all your wedding information. Once you are confident everything looks good, you can delete all guest profiles keeping your games & info intact before the big day!

The Clear All User Data Function

This function allows you to take the WeDo App for a Test Drive. Create all your wedding day content – Trivia and Poll Questions, Bar and Menu Details.

Then set up a few test guest profiles as if you were a guest at your own wedding. Play the games, get comfortable with them. Add questions or delete them. When you’ve finished your test drive – just click “Clear All User Data.” through your admin panel to delete your test guest profiles & reset your wedding. You’ll only delete the test profiles that you’ve created. Everything else will stay in the app.

We want you to be Confident That Everything Will Happen Without a Hitch.

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