Think of your personal playlist – except it’s a drink recipe list

Guests can create a “playlist” based on a category. By selecting a category of drink and pressing randomize, guests will receive drink suggestions based on personal preference and availability in the bar menu.

There’s a “lock” feature too. So guests, for example, can select “Whiskey” and lock that selection through the app. Now when they click on “Tell me what to drink,” the mix will randomize both the alcohol and the drink type (shot, cocktail or martini).

If your guests like shots, they can lock the drink type selection (e.g. Shots) and get randomized shot recipes.

You can lock the mix selection (e.g. Coca Cola) to randomize drinks that only have Coca Cola in them

Better than a Knowledgeable Bartender

You add your bar menu and WeDo sorts through all the possible recipes – isolating recipes that can be created based on your bar package. Better than a bartender, the drink randomizer makes sure that guests find out before they go to the bar – the drink that is just right for them.

Making the Drink Randomizer Social

They say you should never drink alone. This app makes sure of that. When a guest finds a drink recipe from the randomizer, they can like it in the app. Guests can find the popular drinks of the night. Then guests can ask the bartender for a drink based on likes in the app.

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