Increase Your Guests’ Comfort Factor

Guests profiles display song requests, trivia scores and ranking. Your university buddy – who gets a kick out of games – will be asking: “Who is that dude who knows more about the bride than I do? I thought I had the inside scoop on her.”
Your guests can track each other’s activity during the wedding, and check the photos and videos they post.

Guests Find Common Ground – Making for More Fun & Conversation

We’re betting that at your grandparents and even your parents wedding, that the bride and groom’s “people” probably knew each other. Not so much anymore. Your guests are lucky if they know some of your friends or if they’ve met your family. The WeDo App gives your guests a “quick introduction’ to other guests – upping the comfort level right from the start.  

Guest Profile Features

With the guest profile, your friends and family can:
View Another Guest’s Picture
You hear the names and now guests can put a face to the name
Find Out Who’s With Who (Wife, Girlfriend, Alone Etc.)
Who is that guest with? Now you can find out who came with who
Learn the relationship between any guest and the bride & groom (e.g. sibling)
Ever wonder how everybody is connected at a wedding? Now you can find out by checking each guests profile
Check out the seating arrangement
Find out where other guests are sitting and use the seating chart to remember names
Get guests’ trivia score & ranking
Your guests will be able to see other guests trivia ranking & score giving them an excuse to talk to each other
Learn song requests from others
See who is keeping the DJ busy by requesting all those songs
Share picture and video activity
See how active any guest is with sharing photos & videos
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