With Picture Uploads, guests upload and share moments while they happen

Guests take photos with their mobile phones and share it with the app – so all your guests can enjoy the fun. You and your guests can tag people in photos. Everyone can comment and like photos, too! You don’t have to worry about missing a single moment and you’ll have memories for a lifetime.

Guests can view the pictures on the WeDo website as a gallery any time during or after the wedding. And they can download and share with others.

All Your Guest Photos in One Place

Sometimes you, as the bride and groom, might miss some of the amazing pictures taken by your guests. And if they post on social media and you don’t have time, you might miss them completely. With Picture Uploads, you’ll be sure to capture them all in one place. Guests can log in and view a slideshow or find a special photo they want to send to a friend.

Project Your Guests Pictures During Your Wedding

Connect the Wedo App to a projector during the wedding & play a slideshow of all the images while they are being uploaded live.

Download and Save or Send Photos to Friends and Family Who Couldn’t Make the Big Day

Your guests can login on the website after the wedding and download the photos they want to keep. And they can send photos to friends and family who didn’t make your big day – sharing your wedding memories again.

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