Poll Questions is like the wedding shoe game but better!

We all know the wedding shoe game. Bride and groom sit back to back and answer hilarious, sometimes embarrassing questions like, “who snores the loudest?” But the Wedding Shoe game is only played by the bride and groom. Our interactive “ask the audience” game ensures your family & friends join in on all the fun!
What Would Virginia do if She Forgot Something in the Car?
1. Ask Steve to get it
2. Get it the next day
3. Go back & get it herself
4. She doesn't forget
What Would You Want for Dinner if Virginia Was Cooking?
1. Homemade Burgers
2. Indian Curry
3. Italian Food
4. Middle Eastern Food
Where Should They Go On Their Honeymoon?
1. To the Cottage
2. Nowhere, they travel too much
3. Vegas Baby!
4. Niagara Falls
What TV Show Would the Bride & Groom Most Likely Watch Together?
1. Narcos
2. Dance Moms
3. Suits
4. Young and the Restless
Who Would Win in a Game of Backgammon?
1. Steve
2. Virginia

A Fun Game To Make You & Your Guests Laugh – A Lot

When the bride and groom create a guest profile they can follow or play along. It’s up to the bride and groom how they interact. WeDo provides them with a fun ‘engine’ to help get their guests engaged and having fun.

How the Poll Questions Game Works

Your questions make this game unique to your wedding. Your questions will give each guest every opportunity to poke fun at each other and an excuse to talk to each other. And you might be surprised who the winner is.

The bride and groom add “ask the audience” questions through the wedding app admin panel. Questions can have up to 4 possible answers.
A game host (most likely the MC) announces the game and explains how to “play.” 
The host logs into the app using the admin email & password used to set up the app.
The host announces to all guests that questions will start with a click of a button!
Guests now browse to the poll questions section of the app & wait for the game to start.
A timer on the admin’s phone shows how many people have answered the question out of how many have a profile. If lots have answered, s/he can move quickly.
If people are slow to answer, your admin can prompt people to “take their best guess.” The game moves at your pace.
Guests start answering & can view “live results” – as answers are submitted.
When it’s time to move onto the next question, the most voted answer will be revealed for each question.
Even if you’ve missed the game, you can still have fun. View the poll results in the app throughout the evening.
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