More Relaxed Table Introductions – How It Works

The Seating Chart gives your guests the inside scoop on “who’s who” at a table and how they are connected – helping them to be more relaxed and ready to be social.

Your guests add their table number when they create their Guest Profile – filling out the Seating Chart automatically. Then other guests can can look at their table and view their table mates’ Profiles finding out info like:

  • How they know about the Bride and Groom
  • Who have they come to the wedding with
  • What songs they may have requested in the DJ Song Requests
  • Trivia Scores
  • Other interests listed in a Guest Profile

Keep Your Guests Connected & Comfortable

Your guests won’t need to remember names or how another guest is connected which creates a more comfortable environment that sparks fun & interaction.

The Conversation Flows

Because the Seating Chart helps guests find common interests and connections, they may skip potential awkward moments and go straight into fun and conversation. With access to the seating chart at all times, your wedding guests will remain connected to each other all through the night.

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