Amusing Questions + Friendly Competition Make for Fun Entertainment

Before the wedding, the bride and groom will sit down together and brainstorm some fun – and even tricky – trivia questions. Grab a glass of wine. Come up with questions from up to 4 categories: Bride and Groom, Bride Trivia, Groom Trivia and Friends Trivia.
Think of some crazy questions that will get your guests laughing and talking. Include as many questions as you want. You can add photos for some extra fun. Here’s few to get you started:
After how many months did the groom propose?
1. One Month
2. Six Months
3. Twelve Months
3. Twenty Four Months
Where did the groom propose?
1. Paris
2. New York
3. London
4. Toronto
What is the groom’s favorite brand of deodorant?
1. Axe
2. Old Spice
3. Doesn't Use Any
4. Gillette
What tattoo does the bride have and where is it?
1. Mini Mouse on Foot
2. Unicorn on Butt Check
3. Cross on Ankle
4. Flower on Neck
Which one of these jobs did the bride not work?
1. Color Your World
2. Mandarin
3. A Real Estate Agent
4. Actress in Crime Reenactment

Expect a Lot of Laughing and Talking

Guests play the trivia game throughout the night. They score points based on correct responses and the length of time it took them to answer. Top Score Leaderboard shows each guest’s score, the top scorer and where they’re sitting.

A Wedding Game That Everyone Can Play

Your questions make this game unique to your wedding. Your questions will give each guest every opportunity to poke fun at each other and an excuse to talk to each other. And you might be surprised who the winner is.

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